Plato's Wake

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So guys, I made a Facebook page for my art! Help me get rid of day jobs all together so I can spend my days making art and still being able to live! Share me around and I will be truly grateful! Even commission me a few bits, I guarantee they’ll knock your socks off if you like my style ;) x

Be a lovely noodle and check out my new art website and some of my recent projects!!, would be great if you could leave feedback! Always keen for ideas and opinions, and if you happen to fall in love, I am always looking for more work for affordable prices! Unique, detailed in inspired passion and the silent hours thats not yet day or night, the world is asleep and hope is being born. 

ImogenEllenArt, spread the world, share the link, help me make my dream come true so I can live out my days creating and feeling alive.