Plato's Wake

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So so lucky,but the thunder is never far.
I have no idea how I am here,I am a lie and a miracle at the same time,guilt and luck and a whole load of fuckery.
Worn like 80 year old socks and I have no time,no time was there when I could have saved a life instead of talking shit. I give up on advice,professional bullshitter.
I am so lucky, and there are smiles and warmth and breaths to take but on waking and sleeping goats cling and scream to cliffs and wind is a bitch crashing them against rocks up and down and we must all keep working. Feeding obese fuckers who disgust and shove mouthfuls down all our throats,your sandwiches are salty and soaked and I don’t give a fuck. Guilty as I’m so lucky,when did goats deserve as many chances as this,gods and crap and divine intervention,’I am always ok,bullshit bullshit,save mine and take yours,I live with this Crap’. Lifelong condition and I refuse to be your zombie you blatant greedy power hungry cantankerous cunts. Shove your prescriptions up your arse and burn on your bikes. Years and years still not recovered,my body is fucked. I want to bring life,but god…fuck. Utter trash mouth and cut and quartered,so so stable from the windowsill, come lay in my heart and choke in the constant crushing. I am so,so lucky.